Instructor bio: Sarah Kleiner is a Certified Nutrition Coach, a Quantum Health Coach and an ERYT with over 12 years of experience working one on one with clients to optimize nutrition, lifestyle & mindset.

Let’s learn how true health is achieved!  I will teach you how combining retraining the energy management system of the body with proper nutrition will allow you to feel and look your absolute best!

3 Day Circadian Kickstart

Join this amazing 3 day course to learn all about how your body’s 24 hour internal clock runs in the background to carry out essential functions and processes for your overall health and wellness!

If you have trouble sleeping or waking up in the morning without your coffee, trouble reaching satiety when you eat, trouble recovering from workouts (or having enough energy to workout) – issues with productivity & inflammation, this 3 day reset is the perfect place to get started! CLICK HERE FOR COURSE

21 Day Leptin Reset

Are you having issues feeling satisfied when you eat?  Do you still suffer from cravings? Are you having trouble losing weight & are you suffering from inflammation?  You could be leptin resistant!

Join me for this 21 day course centered around dialing in your circadian rhythms & resetting those hunger hormones so you can finally feel your most energetic and enjoy life!

You will learn the science behind leptin, how you become leptin resistant in the first place and how to reverse it!

You will also learn how to dial in your circadian rhythms, and structure your day, meals & meal timing for optimal hormone balance, optimal mood and your most restful sleep.

There are many things in our modern lives that can destroy our optimal hormone balance (this certainly includes hunger hormones), and in this course you will learn effective mitigation strategies without having to move out into the woods.

Get the education and support you need with this 21 day course tailored to helping you rebalance your body and lifestyle! CLICK HERE FOR COURSE CLICK HERE FOR PAYMENT PLAN

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Did you know that LIGHT is the main signal that controls your metabolism – mood & sleep? Yes food is important (and we will discuss optimal nutrition in this webinar) – but if your light environment is less than optimal your metabolism, mood & sleep will be less than optimal!

As we step into a SPRING the light is changing – as is the availability of vitamin D. Let’s learn how to safely expose your body and eyes to sun (no matter what your skin type), optimize your daily environment (no matter where you work or where in the world you live) – and experience the metabolic & mental health benefits!


The science of how light & circadian rhythms control your metabolism, sleep & mental health.

How to figure out your skin type & safely expose your skin & eyes to the sun no matter where you live in the world.

Optimal nutrition and meal timing as we move into spring & summer.

How to build a solar callous (and what is a solar callous)

How to safely build your vitamin D levels & troubleshooting Vitamin D levels.

Mitigation strategies for less than optimal light environments at work & home.

The importance of hydration & mineral balance for optimal metabolism & vitamin D absorption.

The optimal sleeping environment & mitigation strategies for your home or apartment.

How red light therapy & UV light therapy can help or even harm sleep (and how to do those therapies safely)


Building your perfect Quantum Plate to Reverse Leptin Resistance

Join Sarah Kleiner – Quantum Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach & ERYT for this interactive class that will help you structure your diet and help you build your perfect “quantum plate” so you can get the needle moving on those 2022 goals & be ready for spring and summer!

Do you have information overload when it comes to nutrition? Have you tried to copy other popular influencers & gotten little to no results? Let’s get together & talk about what actually matters and what you need to focus on when it comes to your perfect quantum plate!


What is leptin resistance & how to reverse it
How to structure your days of eating for optimal hormonal balance, energy & fat burning

The science behind how light controls your appetite & how to change your environment to stabilize blood sugar

Do you need ketosis or carnivore to lose weight or heal?

How to easily get into ketosis & should you do refeed days?

Should you change your diet when we approach spring & summer?

How to figure out your “macros”: Easy – actionable – step by step process for weight loss and or healing

How to find the highest quality – most nutrient dense food for the most reasonable prices

The importance of hydration in meeting your nutritional goals (why drinking water is not enough)

Quantum hacks for extra fat burn – getting the best & deepest sleep & using the cold to your advantage

How light therapy can increase weight loss & how to use it

How grounding can improve inflammation & how to do it based on your location


I started following Sarah a few years ago and watch all of her content religiously. She is easy to listen to and provides great nuggets of information that continue to expand my knowledge base and move me towards even better health. Wth a background in wellness, fitness and nutrition and an avid biohacker for a number of years, I am quite familiar with circadian rhythm and the sun. I still found the 3-Day Circadian Kickstart a great addition to my arsenal. Sarah provides a great overview with a lot of easy to digest information for all levels. I love the accompanying downloadable documents. Already signed up for the 21-Day Leptin Reset which will no doubt be another gem. 

Renee Brauch

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